Stripper Tip Drill Reportedly Hospitalized After Fall at King Of Diamonds


Tip Drill, perhaps Miami's most famous stripper, was reportedly hospitalized after an accident during her death-defying act at King at Diamonds last night. Few details are available now, but the news has so shaken Miami that Tip Drill's name is trending locally on Twitter.‌ Tip Drill is noted for acrobatic sets at Miami's most celebrated strip club, King of Diamonds, and her signature entrance involves her emerging from the ceiling and sliding all the way down a stripper poll before landing on her legs. But apparently something went wrong last night. Tip Drill's best friend Skrawberry has reported some details on her Twitter:

‌Y'all Tip is alive but she's not doin good. She might have to go through surgery. I'll know in the next hour! No sleep, eyes puffy, replayin unexplainable incidents... It hurt so bad to see my friend like this Y'all don't understand how I feel.... But she'll be ok... She will recover so that is a blessin in itself‌Tip Drill is no ordinary stripper. Tip is at the top of her game, a stripping virtuoso. In 2010, Riptide, with help from stripper expert Disco Rick, assembled a list of the top strippers under 40. Tip came in first place:‌

Tip Drill is the main attraction at King of Diamonds. She gets the King Kong introduction. The lights are dimmed, the drums start playing, and when the lights come on, she's already onstage. Girls, men, everyone just run over when they hear the name. Before she does her first trick, money's already flying. And why? Swagger. She does what all the other girls do, but faster. She's hanging from the ceiling, right? Lets go, grabs the pole, swings upside down 20 feet in the air, and then drops until she's just four inches from the stage. Very fucking dangerous. The only thing that stops her is her legs. She has to remember that mark every time, because if she doesn't, she's done. Most girls make $100, $200 a night. That's Hefty bag money. Tip Drill walks away with a garbage bag of cash. Nobody can beat her.‌ Tip Drill also made headlines recently when she made an unplanned cameo on MSNBC's Morning Joe while the show was filming at a South Beach restaurant during the Florida primary.Follow Miami New Times on Facebook and Twitter @MiamiNewTimes.

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